Connecting to mumble server

Step 1) Download Latest Mumble

Step 2) Install Mumble

Step 3a) First time installing: Configure->Certificate Wizard->Export current certificate (save to google drive)
Step 3b) Installed previously: Configure->Certificate Wizard->Import a certificate

Step 4) Connect to Mumble Server
            Port: 64738

Step 5) Save server settings
    Server->Connect->Add New...->OK

You will not be able to move from AFK until authenticated by Admin or pulled

Whisper Configure (Optional)

Step 1) Configure->Settings->Shortcuts
Step 2) click "Add"

Step 3) Click "Unassigned" and select "Whisper/Shout
Step 4) Click "Empty" then click ellipsis

Step 5) Copy settings shown below

Step 6) Click shortcut column of the new shortcut and set a PTT
Step 7) Click "OK"